A real time solution that measures performance across your entire value chain.

Introducing a unique Intelligent Measurement System specifically designed for the Service Quality Management, Compliance Management and Aviation markets.

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We operate within the software solutions industry focusing on the mobile measurement and incident management of Operational, Compliance and Quality Management processes, as they pertain to service delivery within the value chain of an airport.

Mobile Auditing

Our application runs on HP handhelds along with the soon to be released iPad.

Audits completed once off, no risk of losing papers or data with a backup system in place


Recorded Data displays regarding business performance.

Ever wonder who is slowing down your company? What is time consuming or where your money is being over exerted? Our surveys will identify all of that.


Quality Management Systems through iThNk Manage.

Improve your companies performance within the first six months using iThNk Manage.

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Our Support team will help guide you through your frustration and problems whether it be from synchronising or creating audits.

About iThNk

iThNk introduces a unique Intelligent Measurement System specifically designed for the SERVICE QUALITY MANAGEMENT, COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT AND AVIATION markets. It provides a “real time” solution that measures performance across the entire value chain of a service and / or compliance environment. In a real time environment, Managers and their teams require a tool that goes beyond compliance and service quality measurement but also generates management action and problem solving in order to improve response times ….achieving this, whilst enhancing the customers experience as they travel through the Company’s value chain and or their compliance to specific regulatory bodies.

Service Level Agreements, in our opinion, have become documents designed for comfort which have, unfortunately have ended up as passive documents defeating the original object that they were intended for …the measurement of service delivery or compliance! IThNk offers a real time approach to performance and compliance management. 

It allows a COMPANY to move beyond a historical view of information and actions the information intelligently with greater precision and speed. Management have the ability to take what they learn from the immediate past, and apply it to their service delivery chain in the present.

This enables them to optimise current performance and provide predictions on future performance. By managing intelligent actions, it provides Management with insight into the dynamic factors that influence its performance. It further provides each Operations Manager with the ability to adapt with greater speed and flexibility to real time problems.

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We pride ourselves in providing second-to-none service, ensuring complete customer satisfaction, in working with us.

Airports are generally regarded as complex points of entry and exit into countries and as such has a large interdependency amongst the various service providers who operate at these airports. As the largest network of airports in Africa the Airports Company SA Ltd continuously strives to deliver a quality of service to passengers that will position the company as a premium service provider in the transport industry. The investment by ACSA in efficient and effective technology and systems, human resources and seamless facilitation at the respective airports has been instrumental in creating a conducive environment that has been recognised globally. Intelligent Thinking (I-Think) has been providing a software solution for the quality management system of the Airports Company SA Ltd (ACSA) for the past four years.

To date the service that was received can be regarded as highly professional with a focus on timely service delivery and consistent competency in the value of the product offered. ACSA has enjoyed good business relationships across all airports where services were provided by I-Think and an appreciation of the innovation and helpfulness of the trainers/technicians was noted. It is in light of this positive attitude of the I-Think staff that ACSA was able to expand on the various modules initially implemented in the company. ACSA will continue to work closely with I-Think as long as there is a healthy and constructive benefit for both organisations to benefit from.


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